like shit

i feel like shit. I want to cry but i already have and i'm too proud to keep on doing it.
I want the boyfriend kitsch. The love, the glory, the sundays, the sharing, the happy ending. Why is it so hard? it took me a long time to find someone i felt i could trust and i liked hanging out with. The success of hope over experience. I let myself fall in love again, after having been hurted so badly by my ex. And just when I think everythings going great, this new guy is worth it, he calls and tells me "i'm sorry i just talked with my ex and i don't want to go out with you no more".
I don';t even have time or energy to be sad, cuz real life with work and university goes on. I feel under too much preassure. I just want to get some rest.

Date Posted
24. May 2009