girl at work.

i confess i really can't stand this girl at my work. She is so unnecessarily bitchy; she thinks she is really 'it'..only..she isn't. She has all the people skills of a of the intensely annoying ones which buzz around in your face which seemingly only live to vie for your attention.

If she's not spending her time loudly slagging someone else in the office off..usually behind their back.. although sometimes in full ear shot, she's spending it snooping at my work and telling me what tasks she thinks I should be prioritizing..even though the suggestions she makes only go to show how little knowledge she has of the areas she's talking about..

Due to office politics and her ability to pick up on and take advantage of other peoples insecurites, she gets on well with the much so that she has been made 'vice-boss'.. well, I'll be damned if she's ever promoted to first in command, I'd sooner go jump in the thames or be force fed chicken gristle.

Date Posted
07. December 2007