Idea for this site

One day I felt so anxious that I didn't know what to do. I wanted put it out of me, but in same time I didn't want to discomfort people with my anxiousness, to repel them off, because I had a bad day. I was walking around my room and I jelled to put it out of me. I was walking around the room for half an hour talking to myself. After half an hour I stopped such pointless agony, I called a friend and I told him everything I had on my mind. I was talking for fifteen minutes. And when I finished the conversation, it all come to an end. My friend have been listening me for fifteen minutes and he supported me for everything I said. Those days I had enormous pressure from people around me and I didn't know how to deal with that pressure, but after I had talked with someone about it, all that agony disappeared and not only it has disappeared, but I felt free, like I could fly. To the sky and back. I was happy again, full of energy, open to see other people, I relived my baggage and I regain energy to continue to move on. Sometimes I didn't have a friend to call, in reference to, I didn't want to disturb them with my problems, so I wrote my thoughts on a paper. Later, the paper, I would throw away, or sometimes, I saved it. After writing I felt a little better, but assuredly it is nothing like if someone had seen that paper, and said to me - it is OK - you are right, it is not such a big deal, you will deal with it, I believe in you.
Sometimes I wrote letters, nice letters, but always I hesitated to send them. I was afraid of rejection or to end up funny, but there were no reason for it. Now I know it could have been such a waste not to tell someone something nice.
So, it came to me - to create a place where you can express yourself.
I came to an idea - If you are feeling sad or mad and you want someone to hear what you have to say or you just want to say that you are happy or in love, create your own little square and write all your thoughts, all your obstacles, adversities, all you happiness, all your love. Relief yourself of bad emotions, say someone that you love him/her or just send lovely statement or romance story. Create your personal square on and tell your story - show what you have to say.

This is my story.

Date Posted
29. October 2007