My lover

in this world wid drama and pain,
i long 2 see the sunshine after the rain,
and its begining to feels that i been waiting for the rays to shine for such a long time,
and when im willing to leave the past.. y is the past not willing to leave me behind,
my tears mean nothing nemore, they seen it all before and so have i,
my sadness has become normality, and happiness a rareness,
wen will i find happiness, piece of mind, wen are my dreams gonna b real, wen will it be my time?

i willing to wait, becoz they say..good things come to those who wait...

im willing to be patient, and sit quietly for things to go my way...

just dont take to long, i cant hold on forever...

just rememeber i need you my lover xXx

Date Posted
08. December 2007