What is wrong !

I don't know whether I am feeling angry or sad, or frustrated, but something is bugging me. And it is bugging be really hard! Whether it is my ex or my school who doesn't let me think strait. Maybe it is because I am not doing well in my school, maybe it is it, but I can't find the source. I am mad, but I am not focused on what am I mad. Maybe it is because I let myself to react in some situation which contradictors to my principles. I think it is that. I am mad on myself. I am so pist off. Why sometimes I cant keep my principles, and react how I want to react, but, I let my current happiness to distract me from my goal. Whether I am happy or sad, I have always to keep my track, and to be cruel to people who deserves to be cruel at. Who doesn't deserve to share my happiness whit them! They have to earn it first! And to earn it really hard!

Date Posted
02. February 2008